Mootools Hash Cookie Compatibility Class

Mootools is a fantastic Javascript framework library that gives you clean, well-tested, cross-browser mechanisms for browser capability detection, manipulating the DOM, injecting SWFs, making AJAX requests, and building animation into your client-side applications.  I’m won’t try to sell it over other libraries like scriptaculous, dojo or jquery.  But if you’ve selected mootools as your javascript […]

autoload conflicts

Our publishing system has a fairly large PHP object model, with tons of corresponding library files. Early in the development of the library, we saw huge value in PHP 5’s autoloader. But when we integrated a 3rd party library into our application, we quickly found a limitation when our __autoload() function conflicted with the other […]

The Outsider’s Guide to Joomla 1.5, Part 1

I found myself in an unusual situation recently. I’ve got 12 years of Web development under my belt — everything from markup to operating systems, javascript to Apache, switches to fileservers, PHP to load balancers. But I found myself challenged by technology that thousands use every day. An off-the-shelf open source CMS: Joomla (version 1.5).