Amazing HTML5 Video/Canvas Demo

One of my developers picked this up at WWW2010 yesterday in the Media on the Web Developer’s Track session.  Amazing what modern browsers can pull off: This makes me really eager to see some standardization on video codecs and streaming protocols.  Note to google: please open VP8 and back it up with your muscle […]


I’ve had this ridiculous user manual sitting around for months now, and I couldn’t stand the thought of such an amazing piece of literature wasting away in the data closet.  I just had to scan it in for the world.  I’ve seen some bad documentation in my life, but this goes beyond bad.  Most people […]

Cache control and redirection with mod_expires and mod_rewrite

mod_expires and mod_rewrite are two indispensable tools in any Apache administrator’s arsenal.  But there is at least one situation where they don’t play too nicely with each other: when you have a global cache policy in place, but you define a conditional redirect that you don’t want to be cacheable.