Titanium Mobile – Beyond the Prototype

Appcelerator’s Titanium Mobile is a powerful toolkit for building cross-platform mobile applications. Using Javascript, which is familiar to many developers, you can build native applications on iOS and Android without learning the intricacies of the native SDKs. Many developers dive into the product without steeping themselves in Appcelerator’s philosophy, which can be a mistake. Over […]

Titanium Mobile – Extending Views with CommonJS

When you’re building an intricate user interface with Titanium Mobile, you’ll absolutely want to organize your UI elements into well-designed CommonJS modules. This makes it easy to reuse components throughout your app and even across other apps. It’s also a lot easier for maintainers to deal with it if you organize it well.

Titanium Mobile – CommonJS Fundamentals

For many developers, a Titanium mobile project might be their first exposure to serious object-oriented programming in Javascript. They may have even used a framework like jquery or mootools (or if they’re really lucky, qooxdoo — check it out sometime). But most of the time, even if you’re using those frameworks, you don’t have to […]