Samsung Epic and slow launcher with Froyo

After using Froyo on the Epic 4G for a few weeks, I came to the conclusion that something was very wrong with the launcher.  Often, I would return to the homescreen after using an application, and I would have to wait several seconds for the icons to redraw.  This happened most frequently if I changed orientation while in the application, so that when I came back to the launcher, it needed to lay itself out in the new orientation.

I didn’t see this happen on my wife’s Epic (at least not as bad as on mine).  I have no idea what’s different between them.  But fear not, if you’re seeing this problem, too — there is hope.


I tried going to the stock Android launcher instead of the Touch Wiz launcher (using tips here).  But strangely, that suffered from the lag, too.


The only thing that worked was to install Launcher Pro.  And that’s not such a bad thing, since it adds a few nice features and has tons of options.  I have to admit, I was skeptical — almost every time I’ve reskinned a computer, whether it be a Windows machine, a Linux machine, or a handheld, there’s been a big performance price to pay.  But Launcher Pro seems to be very well written, because it’s actually faster than the built-in launchers!  Nice job!


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