Redis update: version 1.0 released

Yesterday, Salvatore released version 1.0 of redis.  I thought now might be a good time to publish an update on how our redis installation is going.

So after over four months of using redis, I can say that it is quite stable.  We’ve been sustaining 100 commands per second against a database that now contains about 1.4 million key/value pairs, and about 2GB of data.  CPU idle on our server stands at about 95%.  Once a day, we do some aggressive cleanup on the data to purge out old unused objects.  That pushes the idle CPU down to about 85% while we run 500 commands per second for about 90 minutes.

I have written a little ganglia plugin (it’s in PHP, but it would be easy to port to another language, since it’s mostly just shell commands).  This wil let you monitor connections to the redis server, command rates, and memory usage)

All in all, I am very impressed with this application.

Get your RPMs here.

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