Enabling 3-letter word searches in mediawiki

Mediawiki uses MySQL’s full-text searching capabilities for its searching.  I’ve always been irritated that I can’t search for a three-letter word, like “nfs”.  It turns out that this is due to a default configuration in MySQL.  In this article, I’ll try to pull together various tips I’ve seen around the Web for enabling searches for 3-letter words.

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A study of Internet users’ cookie and javascript settings

Recently, we were interested in measuring how many users allow third-party cookies.  While we were at it, we figured we might as well measure how many would accept first-party cookies and how many would run javascript.  We got some interesting numbers that I think are worth sharing.  WRAL.com has a 50% market penetration in the Raleigh metro area, so our numbers are fairly representative of a general Internet audience.

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Analyzing HTML document size with PHP

Like many other organizations, we’ve struggled to manage the bandwidth costs of serving a popular Web site.  Once you slice off extraneous images, trim up your CSS and external Javascript, and get control of your cache policies, you’re left with one thing: the size of your HTML documents. This article will give you a new tool to break down your HTML and look for potential savings.

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Installing ChronoComments on Joomla 1.5

I spent a lot of time looking for a good (and, I’ll admit it, free) comment solution for smorgasbork.com.  The best I found was ChronoComments from ChronoEngine.  I like the wide array of configuration options that it provides, and the layout/presentation is very clean and works well with my site’s template.  One thing that isn’t so clear is the documentation, and if you don’t live and breathe Joomla, I’m sure you will find it even more confusing.  I’ve tried to layout the install procedure that I followed so that you don’t have quite so many headaches.

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