Hot Death Rules

Hot Death


A random player is chosen to deal the first hand, after which each hand is dealt by the player who won the last. The dealer chooses how many cards to deal, between five and 15.

To play a card, simply tap it; the “badge” in the lower right-hand corner shows you how many cards are in your hand. If you cannot see them all, simply drag left or right to view your entire hand.

Play progresses as in standard UNO, though there are some additional quirks.

When a Wild Draw 4, Delayed Blast Wild Draw 4 or Hot Death card is played, the recipient may stack another on top of it, passing the accumulated effects on to the next player. The stacking ends when the Harvester of Sorrows is played (draw cards cannot be stacked on top of the Harvester) or when a player cannot continue the stacking. Draw 2s (including Spreaders) and Mystery Draw can never be stacked.

Play is to 1,000.

For more specifics about any card, tap and hold the card. Or use the menu and select “Card Info” to learn about any card in the deck.

3 thoughts on “Hot Death Rules

  1. Hi there, I failed to see how I can skip my turn if I don’t want to play a card after already drawing one by tapping the deck.

    Thx for your input.

    1. When this app was written, android phones had a dedicated “menu” button that you could hit to get a menu of choices, including the “Pass” option. Newer phones don’t have this feature anymore (the app needs to be updated with some UI modifications, but I haven’t had time).

      At any rate, you can still activate the menu, but the technique is different on different android phones. On some you have to hold the app switcher button. On others, you hold the “back” button. This post has some ideas that might help:

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