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Building a progressive web app with Vue.js and OnsenUI

Recently, we have been doing some proof of concept work on a PWA for our web site. The immediate goal is to make our mobile experience faster, but looking toward the future, we could potentially invest in this technology as a replacement for our current mobile apps if PWAs continue to receive more support on the major platforms.

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A review of “site tour” Javascript libraries

I recently had a need to display a “site tour” to point out important features to our users. I was happy to discover that there are some very easy-to-use libraries out there for this purpose. However, I found that each library was ultimately lacking at least one vital feature. I wish these authors would put their heads together and build the ultimate site tour.

Until they do, I present my review of a few of the leading candidates

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Saving and restoring qooxdoo table column sizes, visibility, and order

I was working on a music library management application built on qooxdoo, and I’ve always liked the way iTunes manages columns in its tables. You can hide and show columns, rearrange them, and resize them, and iTunes will remember your settings when you launch it next.

With a little work, you can do the same with a qooxdoo table. You just need to gather the column state, serialize it, and write it to a cookie whenever the user changes column state.

Then you need to load the state when the table appears:

You run this code at specific events in the table lifecycle:

Try it in the playground, or see a basic class implementation below:

Announcement: Hot Death 1.0.0

I’m happy to report that after about 4 months of spare-time development, Hot Death for Android is in good enough shape to release.  Hot Death is a port of my Pocket PC Hot Death Uno that was in turn an update of a Windows version I encountered in the mid-90s.

I overhauled the art (the original bitmaps were too low-res for modern mobile devices), and I tried to give it a look that was distinct from the commercial Uno card game.  As fun as it would be to have “real” Uno cards in the game, I don’t want to invite a lawsuit.

Anyway, check it out in the Android store, and view my Hot Death page for more about the game and the different cards used in the game. 


Announcement: cookingwithgas 1.0

I’m pleased to announce the GPL-ed release of cookingwithgas, a mobile web-based recipe organizing application.  This was my own personal experiment with jquery mobile — I wanted to move my ancient MS Access recipe database into the 21st century.  I figured that a mobile-friendly UI was vital.  It is great to be able to check the ingredients on any of our familiy recipes while I’m at the grocery store!  Anyway, the application is PHP/MySQL based, and it requires Zend Framework.