High bitrate real-time MPEG-2 encoding with ffmpeg

In my previous article, I discussed good ffmpeg options for encoding MPEG-2 video.  This worked great when encoding relatively low quality clips, like the 3 Mbps example in my article.  When you want to encode much higher quality (like full 1920×1080 HD video at 20 Mbps or more), you start to run into some performance […]

Real-time MPEG-2 encoding with ffmpeg

I’ve done some significant experimentation with different options for encoding MPEG-2 video from a live video source with ffmpeg.  The objective was to create video that was approximately 3 Mbps at a “decent” resolution; this video would be manually edited and then converted to Web quality.  By “decent”, I mean a high enough resolution so […]

ffmpeg: the mother of all command-lines

We’ve been doing some experimentation with ffmpeg to encode video for live streaming and for recording to files for on-demand playback.  While I’ve been impressed by the capabilities of ffmpeg, I’ve found that its command-line processing is quite daunting.  Here I provide a set of command-line options along with commentary on what is going on.

xen and the art of kickstart maintenance

We’ve been strong proponents of using CentOS kickstart to manage our production server environments.  We like to use highly customized kickstart CDs that have just the packages we want, plus a hefty postinstall script that sets up all sorts of things for our environment.  We also like to use sandboxed environments for our developers.  Wouldn’t […]