Belkin Conserve Valet

I like this product from Belkin so much that I had to write a review on it.  I just got mine last week, and I love it.  I had tried one of those wooden boxes to manage our chargers.  Problem was, it ended up getting filled up with a bunch of little wall-wart USB bricks.  We couldn’t really ever make it work well for us.  Belkin’s device fixes all that.

This product takes the USB bricks out of the equation — all you need are a few cables.  We’ve got ours configured to be able to charge 2 Samsung Epic 4Gs, an iPhone or an iPod, and either a Nintendo DS or DSi (we have a universal cable that can charge DS, DSi, among others).
The design is clean and modern.  It really cuts down the cable clutter.  To make it practical to use, you need to have a few cables dangling off of it, but only a few inches, so they don’t look too bad.  My only issue would be the length of the supplied power cable.  But I’ve got ours on a shelf close to the power outlet, so I really only want about a foot of power cable.  I may be an exception.  And I certainly wouldn’t want Belkin shipping multiple cables, only to have half of them end up in landfills.  That would negatively offset the benefit of this device’s green features.
The device has circuitry that prevents the device from drawing power when your devices are charged.  That wasn’t the reason I bought the device, but it’s a nice bonus.  The downside to this is that you have to remember to press the start button on the Belkin when you connect your device.  But that’s a small price to pay for the ability to control the power consumption like this.  Belkin should be commended for this.  I’m tempted to buy some of their power strips to control power in our AV cabinet! 

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