Gallery and GalleryList in qooxdoo 1.2

I’ve been working on a port of a large application from qooxdoo version 0.6.5 to version 1.2.  It’s been arduous, and a big part of the pain has been that from qooxdoo 0.7 to 0.8, a number of widgets that we relied on heavily were removed: ListView, Gallery, and GalleryList.  The ListView can be replaced fairly well with a Table (which is an extremely powerful widget, btw).  But the Gallery and GalleryList have no direct replacement.  So I rolled my own.

Have a look at the demo.

The widgets rely on the Flow layout and the MMultiSelectionHandling mixin to do most of the heavy lifting.  In fact, the Gallery itself is very simple.  More work goes into the GalleryItem class.

The GalleryList and GalleryListItem classes are very similar, but the layout of the items’ content is different, and the items are grown to fit the width of the container so that only one item is shown per line.

Source is available.   Enjoy!

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